Shiller Says ‘Investors in Bitcoin Are Having Fun’

Dec.11 — Robert Shiller, professor of economics at Yale University, discusses the legitimacy of bitcoin and why investors are looking at the cryptocurrency. He speaks with Michael McKee on “Bloomberg Surveillance.”



  1. Certainly it is over-hyped. The underlying idea that is questionable is merely freedom from financial tyranny. That's all. Bitcoin (more directly, Blockchain technology) can significantly change the world – if the banks and governments don't kill it. This is a battle to the death. -. To the death of central bank banks 😎

  2. Do want a currency backed by technology freedom and work or a currency backed by a Zionist COMMUNSIT murderous banker? Yeah saying crypto isn't real is like saying Satan doesn't back the US dollar. The gig is up. END THE FEDERAL RESERVE OR NOTHING CHANGES

  3. It won't be fun when the CFO shuts bitcoin down and steals all deposits. When the Voss brothers bought it they fired Satoshi and now the board is talking about appointing a new CEO to replace Gates

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  5. Shiller, you like the experiment don't you! it is fun for you! something to write about when it crashes? stop going on air saying it is impressive, it is an impressive bubble! the thing has no value at all. Call it for what it is. the Nobel prize is not given to you so you can confuse people with your words

  6. Litecoin is better: it's way faster and way cheaper to use. Bitcoin costs $6 to transfer $100. That's not going to get used widespread, especially in retail.
    Litecoin is way faster and MUCH cheaper. It's the better buy. This bigwigs have the corner on it – I'm sure. They are going to make a quick killing and then it's coming down HARD.
    And they'll be laughing and acting all surprised, all the way to the bank.

  7. Bitcoin will fail… it’s bloody useless for use cases. ALL HYPE BY STUPID ZOMBIES…. regrets are no good, keep your investment secure with xrp. At least your able to sue then and they are regulated. Bitcoin will have many riches and many suicides… FACT

  8. That's a great point Shiller is making – why do the bank notes in our pockets have any value? Its because of a "common consensus" – and that is precisely what Bitcoin is creating in a completely different manner ie by that "consensus", rather than centrally through a govt.
    And also the point about it being fun – that is so much a part of everything in life – and drives so much of what we do. This is a great strength of Bitcoin – when people begin to realize life can be so much more fun.

  9. All the banks, media and haters of all coins hates because “They didn’t see it coming so fast”
    If bitcoin is a trash why do all big companies are accepting bitcoin payment.

  10. I believe this whole bit coin thing is in an effort to jump start the cashless society – it's all about manipulation by convenience by first making a convoluted financial system and then offering their desired solution including the Mark of the Beast system. (RFID implantation into the hand or forehead!) It will carry all your Identification documents, medical information, payment accounts, passport, etc. all accessible by a scan of the hand or forehead. It's the devil's bait! Don't bite!

    Give your life to Jesus Christ, the Good Shepherd! Jesus is God manifested in the flesh (1 Timothy 3:16), who came to the earth and lived a sinless life and died because we were evil and we crucified Him with our sins. His blood is atonement for our sins and allows God to forgive us, as retribution. He died on the cross and rose again on the third day, and so will we when He calls His people up to Heaven, to be with Him forever. Yet, we must accept His grace believe it in our heart and confess that He is Lord and Savior in order to be saved.

    We must turn away from our old sinful lives and live good lives according to the Bible. Please don't wait another day, ask Him to be your Lord and Savior and be baptized by a local Christian church. We must be born again to enter into the Kingdom of Heaven.

  11. I'm up 100% in my crypto portfolio with my life savings, I will start selling some off like 10% each time it doubles, but yeh it is high risk high reward.

  12. Bitcoin is not regulated one bit, banks won’t be going anywhere.
    If people where do confident then people will stop using banks. Does any company pay employees in bitcoin? Fuck no!!!
    On the other hand xrp looks promising, I hate banks too but also like to face reality. Reality is banks won’t go anywhere! Proof in the pooding is, ok u hate banks, u have an alternative but still choose to use banks. Get your ass out of the banking system lol. All fakes going down a ditch and taking others with them.

    Bitcoin makes no sense in real life use, it cost too much to move. Xrp makes all the sense. Xrp look at regulating first. Xrp is doing everything the right way whilst bitcoin is thinking it can take over the world on its hopes and dreams.

    Don’t follow the hype, follow your own research. Most know shit and follow others like zombies. All programmed minds lol

  13. "Why is money worth anything? Because we have some kind of common consensus."
    This guy is some sort of highfalutin' economist? The reason that money has value is because it's the only frickin' thing that the government will accept in the form of taxes. A third of the economy is government.
    Do you think this Shiller guy is going to accept anything but U.S. dollars on his Social Security check? Yeeesh.

  14. Bitcoin is fundamentally worthless and depends on the media coverage stirring up gambling risk-taking by uneducated retail investors who don't understand the technology.  In it's current form it can only handle 5 transactions per second globally (although the proposed Lightning code fork, if it happens, should address that).  But more to the point, the amount of energy needed by the miners to confirm transactions into the blockchain is increasing over time in a few years there won't be enough power generation capacity on the planet to be able to operate the system – that's built-in to the Bitcoin Proof-of-work as stated in the Satoshi white paper.  You can put in your cash, but you might not be able to get it out later on……