Jim Cramer: Bitcoin’s Surge Has ‘Very Little To Do With Investing’ | CNBC

The “Squawk on the Street” crew weighs in on bitcoin’s enormous surge as the digital currency tops $15,000. This is one of the least functional markets I’ve ever seen, says Cramer.
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Jim Cramer: Bitcoin’s Surge Has ‘Very Little To Do With Investing’ | CNBC



  1. Lets keep in mind this "guru" advised people on a national tv show "not to be silly with Bear Stearns"……Bear Stearns the following sunday was dealt to JP with the help of the US on a sunday night.

  2. They are compariing bitcoin as a stock, which it is not. They don't even know if a person can send a partial bitcoin, so how are they even commenting. The largest asset runup in their lifetimes and they don't even know how to buy it. I agree Cryto will correct as it has many times, but it is not going away. Think netflix with blockbuster, the digital age is upon us. Say good bye to paper money as with the dinosaurs.

  3. This is the problem the crypto will address medorich Monopoly corporate shills that can't take a couple hours a night for a month online to get forensic on this as I did 5 years back. Bitcoin is a fixed amount ever. It's meeting it's limit soon and electricity is not an issue for real miner groups using renewable energy, it's hilarious when you see the same types that said all he same B's during internet beginning. Simple math you pay attention get your electronic cold store buy and hold buy if it drops and hold because when companies see trillions sitting around innovation to leverage all the value to buy anything you want and beyond your imagination ral trust not lies like potus and his donars can choke on those cronies tax plan.

  4. My favorite part about these analysts is when the screw up and say so you can buy part of a Bitcoin right? Bitcoin is highly technical, and they know NOTHING. How can you listen to analysts that know nothing about the asset.

  5. when cramer said the markets were gonna tank in 2008, you could see them crash within a minute. there are stories of ppl in the newsroom running to their phones and computers while cramer was still talking

  6. Bitcoin and crypto in general right now is boombing, I am a normal guy from Scotland who got involved in June this year and within 6 months I am earning £1000 a week in Bitcoin and it's all just starting it's crazy, next year will be massive, anyway I can show you how to get started, my facebook page has over 9300 followers you can contact me there anytime my name is Steven. https://www.facebook.com/BTCPI/

  7. It is sad to see a financial dinosaur spew pure non-sense. CNBC, unless you posted this as a funny entertainment bit, please have your commentators educate themselves, so at least they make sense!!

  8. Whenever you hear these people trying to scare you out of your bitcoin, go to TEAM US CRYPTO BALLER. Then listen to, BITCOIN KNOCKS THE HEAD OFF WALL ST….AGAIN.
    Remember how that video helped you herein today, from making that same fear mongering mistake of the sale. THEN, whatever’s, and whomever is trying to steel your Bitcoin, put the above comment down to help others, as the Wolf helped you, today. To late, you’ve sold??? No way, get back in, and a year from now, if McAfee is right and it’s 100,000, headed to a million, you’ll look back and laugh.
    Billionaires, millionaires, even fiat central banks around the world will be trying to protect the biggest bubble in the history of civilization, fiat, and fiat forced investments. Be strong, no FOMO, ( fear if missing out) that’s for the uber rich. Should millionaires, and billionaires want their bitcoin, there would only be 1/2 if a coin each!
    See why the Wolf call CNBC, “ Con The Nation of Their Bitcoin”.